Blood Pressure

Proven support for healthy blood pressure

The blood sugar lowering effect of Benolea® is confirmed by in-vivo findings. Benolea® ameliorated glucose tolerance after ingestion of a starch solution compared to controls.

A clinical trial carried out for 8 weeks in twins with borderline hypertension confirmed a dosage-dependent blood pressure reducing effect for Benolea®. Blood pressure changed significantly within twin pairs: mean systolic difference reached up to 6 mmHg between the control and the 500 mg dose group and up to 13 mmHg between the 500 mg and the 1000 mg dose group. Diastolic differences amount of 5 mmHg, respectively.

In the latest clinical study, Benolea® showed a comparable blood pressure reducing effect in people with mild elevated values (stage 1 hypertension) than a standard anti-hypertensive drug, Captopril. Benolea® also positively influenced the lipid profile of this population, was safe and well tolerated. The blood pressure reduction in the Benolea® group after 8 weeks amounted to about 12 mmHg for systolic and 5 mmHg for diastolic blood pressure, respectively.